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Since more than a decade, we have a friendly relationship with the owners, management and people of the Turkish company ARTEK in Düzce. ARTEK is marketing their products under the brand name ELIFRAF (Curing Racks) and ARTEK MACHINES (Machines and Plants) to the world-wide buildings materials industry. We are proud about what we achieved together with the Artek Companies and refer in our own internet page to the related sites of Elifraf and Artek Machines.

In our new designed homepage we focus on services, which we can offer around the design of state-of-the-art internet pages. You can contact us - as a matter of course - in all questions around the ELIFRAF and ARTEK products - simply follow the dedicated links to the new designed homepages of ELIFRAF and ARTEK.


Technology & Marketing

Elifraf Curing Systems

Equipment for the curing of small concrete elements, such as blocks, pavers, land scaping elemente, concrete slabs, wet cast elements. Designed to the needs of the customers project, first class quality at unbeatable conditions.

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Artek Machines

Machineries to perform the material flow in a concrete block factory, including the automation process. For new projects as well as for existing plants. Efficient and sustainable solutions based on highest quality.

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Z2 Webdesign

Fully responsive websites. Realized with TYPO3 as a professional Content Management System for all project sizes. Hosted by Mittwald CM Services, one of the biggest TYPO3 hoster in Germany.

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Elifraf Curing Systems

Always the better choice.

Curing Racks

Indoor, outdoor, big chamber, individual chamber - Elifraf curing racks in all possible styles, designed to the customers project. To store and cure concrete elements - blocks, pavers, landscaping elements, slabs, wet cast products, rooftiles - the list of applications is unlimited.

Air Cirkulation

Insulation and air circulation are keywords for a bundle of possible measurements to optimize the climate inside the curing chamber, as an essential condition to achieve best curing results. Elifraf can provide the necessary equipment, as supplier or in cooperation with specialised companies.


ELIFRAF as a one-stop source for concrete curing solutions offers all necessary accessories. Rails for the lower and upper finger car are an example,  steel pallets for concrete slab factories another one.


Artek Machines

We make your factory running.


ARTEK designs, produces and installs all kind of handling equipment for concrete elements factories, along the flow of the production pallets and the end products in such facilities. This can be upgrades of existing plants or new plants together with production machines of different brands.



Plant automation can be the dedicated control of the single components and their integration into the main control system of the plant, but also lifting the automation level of the whole plant, for example the replacement of a forklift based pallet handling system by a finger car system. ARTEK offers both in perfect execution and efficiency.


The usage of standard industrial robots of world-leading brands can open new ways in special handling tasks in concrete element factories. ARTEK specialises on robotics solutions in programming, plant intergration or development of the necessary grabbing tools.


Z2 Webdesign

The whole is more than the sum of it's parts.

Typo3 CMS

We develop our web applications with TYPO3, one of the most powerfull CMS systems worldwide. TYPO3 is highly scaleable - big multinational companies realize their web applications with TYPO3 as well as non-profit organisations or single persons.

Responsive Design

The integration of Bootstrap Twitter and Typo3 makes all the webpages which we design fully "responsive" - visable without loss of information on devices and viewports with different sizes. This feature is important, as the share of mobile devices is steadily growing.

Mittwald Web Hosting

Our own and our customers websites are hosted by Mittwald CM Services, one of the biggest Typo3 hoster in Germany. High storage capacities, no traffic limitations, fast and reliable server hardware are some of the characterising Mittwald attributes. (Picture: Copyright Mittwald).